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PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA (Advanced Planning)
Jomerce PJ SAP


PP/DS supports various features, that is considered as very advanced features

  • Sub-daily planning possibilities.
  • Advanced planning and scheduling features like Finite/ Detailed scheduling, setup matrix, sequence constraints, Min/Max distances, alternative modes, propagation of schedule changes across all BOM levels, multilevel material flow visibility using pegging.
  • Simulative (what-if) planning capabilities
  • Industry planning features and advanced algorithms to support Automotive, mill, process industries etc including
    • Conti-IO, full pegging, Block Planning, Campaign Planning, Shelf-Life
    • Heuristics for compact planning, load leveling, closing gaps, … and heuristic framework
    • Various optimizers


To be able to use Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling for SAP S/4HANA, you must activate Advanced Planning and Scheduling in the back-end system. In

Customizing, choose Advanced Planning -> Basic Settings -> Activate Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

Fig 1: Customizing: Activate advanced planning

The features activated by the Advanced Planning and Scheduling switch are not part of the standard SAP S/4HANA Enterprise license. A dedicated license, Manufacturing for Planning and Scheduling is required if this switch is set to Active.

What’s new
PP/DS for S/4HANA has made several improvements Standalone SCM-APO-PP/DS to simplify CIF in one system, eventhough its not completely eliminated. Improvements are made in following topics

  • Harmonized master data
    • One Material Master (Material master as a CDS view), One Resource Maintenance
    • Create, Update for Source of Supply without Queues
  • Simplified transactional data Integration (The settings are controlled in customizing by selecting Advanced Planning > Basic Settings > Settings for Data Transfer)
  • MRP Live Run with SAP ERP and “Advanced Planning” Materials
  • Unified Order Conversion Reports
  • Period-Based consumption adopted for PP/DS
  • Visually Harmonized screens for PP/DS (HINT: For the list search with “/sapapo/ “in Fiori apps reference library)
  • Fiori apps Monitor Capacity Utilization and Production Scheduling Board

For 1709 On -Premise:

  • Location simplification
  • Support for combined orders (mainly for Mill industries)
  • Fiori app for Capacity and shift maintenance

Fig 2: Integrated material master maintenance

Fig 3: One Workcenter maintiainance

Fig 4: Settings for data transfer.

Implementation considerations

The concept for PP/DS for S/4HANA starts with classifying if a material is relevant for advanced planning or not.

It is recommended that all downstream materials should be Advanced Planning-relevant if planned together with MRP Live. This means the data modelling should be such that once a material at one BOM level is PP/DS-relevant (Advanced Planning-relevant), then the materials above that BOM level should also PP/DS-relevant (Advanced Planning-relevant). This is to ensure that depended demands are also in liveCache or PP/DS.

In addition to this you also needs to maintain advanced planning flag for work centers.

Once this is done, you can transfer PDS with transaction CURTOADV_CREATE (in the SAP Easy Access Menu, select Logistics > Master Data > PDS for Advanced Planning) to enable PDS transfer to PP/DS

Most of the Order and batches are always enabled to be integrated once a material is classified as Advanced Planning. The settings are controlled in customizing by selecting Advanced Planning > Basic Settings > Settings for Data Transfer. In case some order types need not be needed to be integrated(eg: Production order only), uncheck unnecessary items

In most of the common cases of Sales Scheduling Agreement, if delivery schedules are managed in SAP S/4HANA, and not in PP/DS, you need to unflag check box SD Sched. Agmt.

Note: All objects that needs to be in PP/DS is not simplified to be integrated without integration model, that includes

  • Plant(1610 only)
  • Source of supply for external procurement(purchase info record, contracts, scheduling agreements)
  • Classes and characteristics in case of using CDP(characteristics depended planning) using integration model for organisational area
  • Setup groups
  • Maintenance and network orders(material Independed)
    more.. (HINT: To see what all objects needs integration model in Txn CFM1, and in Logical System male the entry of same logical system(own logical system) and press ENTER)

It is recommended to read the initial sections of note 2382787 where it is mentioned in detail on how to integrate the objects to PP/DS for S/4HANA.

As in Standalone SCM-APO-PP/DS, in case you are using CDP configuration, you need to set this client depended settings.

Note : “Standalone SCM-APO” and PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA can be used together, but the data modelling should ensure that there is no data dependency.

Only active model is supported in PP/DS for S/4HANA.

PPM is not supported in PP/DS for S/4HANA. So it will be needed to migrate from PPM to PDS. It could be also achieved in the source system before migration. This can effect standard support for

  • Parameter efficiency
  • Extended order generation (EOG)
  • Multiple output planning (MOP)

Since only PDS is possible in PP/DS for S/4HANA, the support for the above functionalities can only be supported with help of BADI implementation

In S/4HANA, production versions are mandatory for in-house production sources.

Material master changes

While migrating to from Standalone SCM-APO-PP/DS, the main change you notice would be that the material master is not maintainable in PP/DS for active planning versions. This will have an impact on your migration and modelling of PP/DS.

Its important to note that the mapping is done with a redirect CDS view and is also have no option to change standard mapping, event though the product master can be extensible with new fields.

I recommend to verify the standard mapping and see if this is matching with you modelling blue print before implementation. The mapping is available at SAP Note 2393581

Its important to note that there are some fields that are defaulted in PP/DS for S/4HANA due to simplification reasons. Few major ones are below





PP/DS Horizon in Calendar Days Alternative : use value from Model




Requirements Ascertainment Horizon in Workdays Used by standard heuristic SAP_PP_014. Ascertaining Pl.Ind.Requirements. You can maintain this in Heuristics settings.




Strategy for Container Resource-based Pegging Always considered

Below items defaults values are used. Automatic Propagation is not desirable. In case needed, could be managed with BADI’s.




Quantity Propagation By Confirmations




Component Adjustment by Confirmation





Table : MATRQ:




Maximum Allowed Lateness for a Receipt Element Defaulted to Max value. Alerts are the way forward. Not used in netting calculation. Only used in dynamic pegging.




Maximum Allowed Earliness for a Receipt Elementequirements Ascertainment Horizon in Workdays Defaulted to Max value. Alerts are the way forward. Not used in netting calculation. Only used in dynamic pegging




Deactivate Dynamic Pegging Always False. Alternative : In case custom solution needs to be achieved, it could be solved by an extension with the heuristic framework of PP/DS. you need to have to copy the standard lot heuristics and in the copy turn off dynamic pegging.





Target Stock Level Method Use Always from product master. User Option available in Heuristics.

In addition it is to be noted that PP/DS product master(Transaction /SAPAPO/MAT1) is read-only for active planning versions, but can be used for maintaining simulation depended parameters for inactive planning versions

Modelling customer and vendor product- locations

There is no standard way to have product at customer and vendor locations. This will impact you if non supported processes like VMI is used.


An alternative to evaluate would be to model customer and vendor locations as storage location MRP area, if modelling is made in a way that only one plant is supplying to customer or vendor locations. With this it would be still possible to have visibility on the customer or vendor locations. It should be noted that in this case MRP areas should be used as a stock transfer to production plant and not as a production location.

It should be noted that the modelling should fit to storage location modelling support in S/4HANA and standard PP/DS. Locations corresponding to Storage location MRP areas (location type 1007) and subcontracting MRP areas (location type 1050) are planned before planning the corresponding plant locations MRP live. Also MRP live will not support planning with stock transfer between MRP areas


Local Product/Work center Creations

PP/DS specific product locations and work centers are not possible to be created. This means that all products and work centers that needs to be needs to be enabled to with “Advanced Planning” flag to be used in PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA.

Most of the resource master data do not need any maintenance from PP/DS resource master(/SAPAPO/RES01). But PP/DS specific features like block maintenance needs to be performed from PP/DS resource master

To create a Handling Resource for Storage Location and subcontracting MRP areas, the report /SAPAPO/COPY_RESOURCE_HU can be used


Forecast Management

Since PP/DS is the only APO solution embedded with S/4AHANA, it it required to have forecast management and creation in S/4HANA and integrate that with PP/DS. You will have to adopt you business process to achieve this.

Note that characteristics based forecasts while planning with characteristics for CDP and CBF is not supported.


Forecast Consumption

Consumption period is calculated in calendar days in PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA and in working days in SAP S/4HANA. Also it should be noted that since the consumption BAdI’s are not available, its not possible to also have a working day calendar set to enable consumption in working days.

Weekly, Monthly and user-defined consumption from standalone SCM-APO-PP/DS is not supported for PP/DS for S/4HANA.

In addition Forecast Consumption for sales orders for characteristics-based
forecasts while planning with characteristics for CDP and CBF are no longer supported.

A new consumption type “5 – Period-Based Consumption“ is also supported which will support Forecast periods into account for consumption. For more details refer SAP Note 2567437 – Forecast consumption with mode 5 (Period-Based Consumption) for Advanced Planning materials

It is recommended to read section “Forecast Consumption” of SAP note 2382787 for details.

Subcontracting is modeled with subcontracting MRP areas for components in PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA, inline with S/4HANA modelling. Subcontracting is only supported with rough cut planning. So a finite planning of subcontractor is not possible

Also it needs to be noted that subcontracting location type 1050 is now mandatory.
the modelling of subcontracting is changed from standalone PP/DS and is not modeled with subcontracting MRP areas for components. It is recommended to check section “Modeling considerations” in SAP note 2518497 for details.

In case it is needed to have finite scheduling model for subcontracting some work around like below could be evaluated.

A solution could be designed with a dedicated storage location for each Subcontractor, a routing with 2 operations, one with external key just for PR creation and one with fake internal key for resource capacity management and order scheduling.

BAdi’s and User Exits

PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA has made BAdi’s, Enh.Spots and user exits removed, especially true for areas in

  • Master data (not just material master)
  • Many CIF APO inbound that changes just data
  • Txn data that is having scope outside that of only PPDS.

Only process related BAdi’s, Enh.Spots and user exits and fully PP/DS specific txn data BAdi’s, Enh.Spots and user exits are available.

The main idea is that there is no possibility of changing mapping that makes data different in ECC and in PP/DS, as now its one system.

It is recommended to review your custom code implementation, before going for a migration.


Safety Stock as a Live-Cache element

In stand alone APO-PP/DS , we had following options.

  • Virtual Safety Stock Elements that is used to cover unexpectedly high requirements. This also helps to allow planner to see that in case of a delayed receipt, how much is covered immediately by safety stock and how much is delayed. Focused in planning.
  • The option Real Safety Stock Requirements that is needed to resolve delays or problems in production

Real Safety Stock Requirements are not supported in PP/DS for S/4HANA.


What is supported in PP/DS for S/4HANA is custom heuristics and heuristics framework. You could simply copy the existing heuristics from somewhere and remove the check of safety stock from /sapapo/mvm in the heuristics(also make customizing of safety stock in /SAPAPO/MVM initial, if needed) and use this heuristics to create real safety stock.


PP/DS for S/4HANA in standard supports only planning and scheduling with advanced planning. It is recommended to use MRP live, in case you do not have restrictions mentioned in “MRP Live” section of SAP note 2382787 as classic MRP is in compatibility list.

In general customer use-cases comes with derivations and below are the cases used.

Case : PP/DS with split planning( Not with MRP live)

Use (MRP classic(MD01) + PP/DS planning Run). Needs a setup similar to MRP type X0 with MRP Procedure “X Without MRP, with BOM explosion” for material with advanced planning

In case using MRP Live(to plan only for PP materials), you need to implement BAdI MRP_DISPATCHER_BADI and need to skip the Advanced Planning materials.

Case : Planning PP/DS materials only in PP and schedule in PP/DS.

Use (MRP classic(MD01) + PPDS planning Run). Needs a setup similar to MRP type X0 with MRP Procedure “X Without MRP, with BOM explosion”. Use P/PDS planing run only for scheduling heuristics.

In case using MRP Live, you need to implement BAdI MRP_DISPATCHER_BADI and need to route the Advanced Planning materials to plan in PP(probably with classic ABAP if you need replication, similar to MRP_FORCE_CLASSIC). You need to also use a Planning procedure like ‘PD’ , Planning in Planning run or that suits your business need.

Case: No planning for PP/DS material

The best option is to have a custom product heuristics that not do anything. Optionally for MRP live you need to implement BAdI MRP_DISPATCHER_BADI and need to skip the Advanced Planning materials. Another option would be to use MRP type similar to “ND – No Planning” as MRP live will not plan these materials.

Case: Skip planning MRP areas and only Plant locations

Use BAdI “/SAPAPO/RRP_HEUR_DO” and on the BEFORE method, customer has to filter out the peg areas that has location type “1007


Heuristics and Planning Procedure

Due to the simplification reasons the following heuristics are not supported.




PP/DS Deployment Multiple Products




PP/DS Deployment Single Product




Planning Shortage Quantities for CTP
SAP_SNP_MULT SNP –> PP/DS Conversion for Many Prods
SAP_SNP_SNGL Individual Conversion SNP –> PP/DS
Stage-Numbering Algorithm for SNP
SAP_MRP_002 Product Planning (Plan Comp Immediately)
SAP_PP_MRPDS MRP-Based Det. Scheduling: Order Network
SAP_PP_20 Stage-Numbering Algorithm
SAP_PP_023 Propagation of descriptive char. Values
Create Safety Stock in SAP liveCache
Planning of Shortage Quantities

In addition standard planning procedures, 3-Cover Dependent Requirements Immediately, 5-Multilevel ATP Check and 7-Length-Based Planning Procedure are not supported. This is mainly due to non supported CTP and gATP usecases.

However multilevel automatic planning can be used without CTP process using custom specified planning procedures and heuristics.


Integration with advanced- ATP

gATP is not available/integrated with PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA. The basic principle followed is that PP/DS for S/4HANA is integrated to advanced-ATP for planned and production/process orders for component check. In this case, integration with advanced ATP will not check with orders in liveCache, but with PP orders instead.

Also for a consistent result, it requires the orders in liveCache to have the same components as that of the PP orders. This restriction coudl efffect business processes like CDP, interchangeability etc where PP orders do not have visibility of PPDS.

In addition, ATP Check for Planned Orders for RPM Products is supported for component check during order conversion for PP/DS for S/4HANA.

Orders other than planned and production/process orders can rely on the fact that the advanced-ATP executes an ATP check during conversion anyway, given appropriate customizing settings in S/4HANA
For details its recommended to check the “Availability to Promise Integration” section in SAP note 2382787


Migration Options

There is no standard migration tools available yet for To migrate PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA. But there are few options to help.

Material master could be integrated with MASSD/MM17 transactions by setting “Advanced Planning” indicator.
For integrating orders, re-transfer report /SAPAPO/PPDS_DELTA_ORD_TRANS could be used.

There is also a PP/DS migration solution currently delivered through SAP consultants. Please communicate with your SAP contacts for details on this.

Fiori Apps

Following Fiori apps are delivered with PP/DS for SAP S/4 HANA.

Production Scheduling Board‘F2176’)

Monitor Capacity Utilisation :‘F1523’)/S6OP

Monitor Capacity Utilisation – Object page (1709 onwards)‘F2900’)/S9OP


Shift management

From S/4HANA OP1709 onwards there is a Fiori App to manage shifts (Monitor Capacity Utilization – Object Page) for PP/DS for S/4HANA. This powerful app helps you to change the shifts and operations in simulation mode and then see capacity situation/utilization depending on different parameters like order type, materials to adapt the changes

The Capacity Variants and Definitions for Resources with External Capacity are disabled in SAP GUI by default, is enabled for editing Monitor Capacity Utilization Fiori app. This is to prevent data corruption. In case you are not using Monitor Capacity Utilization Fiori app, for shift maintenance, you can enable this. Refer note 2598760 for details.


Combined Orders
From S/4HANA OP1709 onwards order combination for production/process orders are supported. The details can be found in PP/DS Help Landing Page:

To navigate go to S/4 HANA 1709 Landing Page( and then navigate to Enterprise Business Applications -> Manufacturing -> Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)-> extended orders -> combined order scheduling


Integration with stand-alone APO or IBP
Standalone SCM-APO or IBP and PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA can be used together, but the data modelling should ensure that there is no data dependency.Integration of orders generated out of Standalone SCM-APO or IBP to PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA or vice versa is not supported.

From a process point of view both “Standalone SCM-APO” or IBP and PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA schedules the orders(eg: planned orders), if enabled could create a recursion.